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Stech Solutions is your South African Agent for Strautmann Balers, Briquetters, Barrel Presses, LiquiDrainer® and Residual Waste Presses.

Bale Presses

The use of vertical baling presses can be very beneficial for you. If you now bring loose packing material to the disposal station, an outside...

Autoloader Balers

The focus here is on the automation and minimization of time spent on disposal. From the automatic filling to the automatic bale binding...


The Briquetter can compress loose PET bottles, beverage cans, soft packs and mire into highly compacted briquettes.

Barrel Presses

Compresses light, roll, sheet metal and metal drums into small, pressed units. The operation is very simple and safe. The drum is inserted into the press.


LiquiDrainer® - fill the filled containers automatically, quickly and profitably Efficient and automatic emptying - emptying by hand is over!

Residual Waste Presses

Space savings, Reduction of disposal costs, Optimal use of the collection container, Easy handling, little need for space and more.

We deliver your Strautmen product as well as provide the necessary training on delivery - Free! (SA Only)

As a Strautmann agent, we are also authorized to support all our Strautmann products (Service, Repairs & Maintenance)